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Call Us: 1-888-33-REEKO (1-888-337-3356)

Closet accessories are perfectly designed to bring organization to your custom closets. The closet accessories designed by Reeko Cabinets can create a perfect space for the organization of every item in your closet. From jewelry organizers to shoe storage, closet poles to belt and shoe racks, our wide range of accessories work with each other to meet your closet storage needs. At Reeko Cabinets, we constantly endeavor to provide our clients with closet accessories that are made from the best quality materials and that are environmentally sustainable as well.

Everyone is just talking about how to organize clothes. What about the other accessories?

Most homeowners hang their clothes, i.e., shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts, blouses, on the hangers in the closet. This ensures that they stay there properly organized and that you don’t have any difficulty in getting them the next time you need them. This is the perfect solution for how to organize clothes. What about your other accessories that you wear with clothes? Are your shoes scattered anywhere at home? Where do you keep your jewelry, purses, makeup, belts, watches? If you don’t have a designated place to keep them at home or in your closet, finding them at the right time can be difficult. The closet accessories for custom closets from Reeko Cabinets can make a huge difference in helping you organize all those accessories properly.

You don’t need to search for accessories high and low in your home.

The high-quality closet accessories from Reeko Cabinets can provide you with a specific place in the closet to keep the accessories. This can help you streamline everything. The next time you are getting ready to go to a party or go to work, you don’t have to feel stressed or hunt around for the matching pair of shoes, or jewelry, tie, or bracelet. Inside the closet, you can find all of them at the precise location where they are meant to be.

Some closet accessories that we offer to improve the organization of homes and closets

Some of the popular closet accessories that we offer include:

Jewelry organizer

Jewelry is one of the most precious, cherished, and valuable accessories. However, jewelry like necklaces, nose rings, earrings, and pendants can get easily misplaced or tangled with other accessories or clothes. Our lined jewelry organizers can carefully protect your jewelry, making it easy and convenient to get them whenever you need them. The jewelry organizer drawer dividers keep the jewelry safe and protect it from damage and theft too.

Rack for storing shoes

With a separate shoe storage rack, you can have a look at your entire shoe collection. Keeping them properly organized in a shoe storage rack will help in their neat and clean storage. We have a variety of shoe storage options which can be perfectly integrated with your closet system. From sandals to sneakers, the shoe storage rack designed by Reeko Cabinets can store different sizes and collections of shoes.

Tie and belt racks

Our cleverly designed belt and tie racks ensure safe and convenient storage of belts and ties. With these pull-out racks from Reeko Cabinets, you don’t have to keep the belts and ties lying on the ground. The belt and tie racks are perfectly designed to save space inside the closet and optimize its functionality.

Hanger Rods

The Hanger rod is a perfect accessory that provides the hanging space required in the closets. Our Hanger rods are available in a variety of finishes, including Hefele brand Aluminum silver, Black, and Champagne colors.