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Call Us: 1-888-33-REEKO (1-888-337-3356)

Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets, an extension of your home, can be an effective means of storage and organization of everything, from garage tools to cars, bikes, and even gardening tools. Reeko Cabinets offers garage cabinet storage solutions tailored to your budget and requirements.

Give your garage the perfect makeover it requires with garage cabinets from Reeko Cabinets

Considering the number of things that your garage is likely to hold, it can become cluttered quickly. From auto parts, hand tools, machinery, power tools, sports gear, bicycles, kids’ toys, seasonal items, etc. Garage cabinets will ensure that you don’t have to waste time looking for your belongings. The garage cabinets are specifically designed to help keep everything organized. With garage cabinets from Reeko Cabinets, there is a space for nearly everything that you can think of storing in the garage.

What makes garage cabinets from Reeko Cabinets a preferred choice?

  • Resistant to scratches, stains, and rust
  • Maximum storage space
  • Designed for large and bulky items and tools
  • Made of high-quality wood with a thick coating
  • Custom built to your specifications and budget
  • Ample choices—sizes, style, and color
  • Quality construction

The garage cabinets will be custom built as per your specifications and directly shipped to your home. The cabinets are easy to assemble and will be done by our dedicated vendor. Since the cabinets are designed to suit the garage environment, they are long-lasting, and have a warranty as well.

REEKO CABINETS has everything that you need to transform your garage and keep it well organized.

Some closet accessories that we offer to improve the organization of homes and closets

Some of the popular closet accessories that we offer include:

Primary garage storage cabinets

● Provide basic storage for your garage items
● No need to pay a premium price for cabinets
● Different varieties of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from
● Color options – Black, grey, maple, white, silver frost, etc.
● Designed for longevity
● Cabinet shelves, drawer slides, door pulls, everything is made from high-quality materials

Wall storage panels

● The slat wall storage panels can turn the walls into an efficient storage space.
● Panels can be easily cut to fit your space and storage requirements.
● A perfect solution to free up cluttered floor space
● Made from a heavy-duty PVC cellular recyclable material blend
● Resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew
● Designed to last a lifetime
● Ample color choices—grey, maple, oak, white, black, graphite, etc.
● Solid color that does not fade with time  

Premium garage cabinets

● The premium garage cabinets from Reeko Cabinets are meant to take your storage to the next level.
● They are made from high-quality materials and are highly durable.
● Designed to offer greater flexibility and suit the needs of your garage.
● Made from sturdy wood with a melamine coating 

Overhead storage racks

● Efficient and economical way to add more storage space to your garage
● Ideal for storage of large and bulky items – boxes and storage containers
● Made from high-tensile, durable steel with a white finish
● The height can be adjusted to suit your needs
● Installation is done using a floating rail system 

Workbench and countertop

● Perfect solution for the garage clutter
● Easy to assemble and install
● Wide variety of choices to suit any needs
● High strength, protective and tough impact coating
● Workbench offers a convenient space to work in the garage 

RC takes special care and focuses on exactly what you need to store before designing the cabinets. Our garage storage units are designed and built to keep your garage items neat and tidy, making organization easy and convenient. All items can be kept safely without any damage due to improper storage. Garage cabinets will ensure that you have enough space to keep everything organized without stuffing and piling.

For the best garage storage systems, depending on the type of items that you want to store or the space that you want to utilize, or your budget, RC can customize everything according to your requirement for better organization.