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All about small living spaces?


All about small living spaces? We hear you. This year’s biggest housing trend is the studio apartment, and that means that room for a luxurious walk-in closet can be limited. However, planning your perfect closet doesn’t just depend on the size of your residence; it also depends on your needs and personal style. With that being said, here are three ideas to make the most of your small closet space.


Maximize space with a hanging rod and clothing shelves.

Lack of closet space is an issue in many homes. If you have a small closet, you might want to consider using the space more efficiently by installing a hanging rod or two and adding more shelves for clothing. Keep it simple by hanging clothes vertically to save space! It’s also helpful to group together items that are similar in shape, color, or style. Hanging rods can be installed on either side of the closet door to create more vertical space for your shirts, sweaters, and dresses. This way, you don’t need to worry about clothes taking up all your shelving space and spilling over into your bedroom. Clothing shelves are essential because they’re a great way to maximize your space, whether they are hung on the wall or placed above your hanging rods. They can also be used as an alternative to hangers if you prefer not to have any rods in your closet at all.


Maximize space by using a bedroom corner for a walk-in closet.

While spacious closets are often considered a luxury, they don’t have to be! A bedroom corner can be a great place to store clothes and shoes. You can maximize space for a roomy wardrobe closet in your bedroom simply by placing it in the corner of the room. It may not be as big as a walk-in closet, but it’ll do the trick. This solution saves you some room and creates the illusion of having more space, making the room look bigger and more organized overall. Alternatively, some people choose to stack baskets and boxes for storage instead, which can work just as well depending on your personal preferences!


Choose a mirrored front for the walk-in closet to enhance the small space.

Having an abundance of space is a luxury that isn’t available in every home, especially for those in big cities. With furniture and general clutter, it can be even harder to make small rooms feel spacious. However, installing a mirrored front for your closet is a great way to create the illusion of more space by reflecting light. Mirrored fronts are very popular in smaller residences because they make the room seem bigger than it is with minimal effort. They can also help disguise any clutter you may have in the room. Installing a mirrored front for your closet is a great idea for a custom closet design. You can even opt for one from our store, based in California!



We love the efficiency of good storage for all your closet needs. If space is an issue for you, consider these 3 closet ideas to help you get your bedroom closet in order! You can also check out Reeko Cabinets for other elegant closet designs in California. Contact us anytime about our closets for more unique ideas.