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​​Organizing Clothes In A Smaller Space


​​Organizing Clothes In A Smaller Space

Organizing clothes in a smaller closet can be tough. Whether a wardrobe closet, sliding closet, or walk in closet, it’s important to optimize your storage as much as possible. So, how do we organize the closet space we already have to get the most out of it? Use these tips and tricks to double the room you have for your clothing! 

  • Sort and Declutter

Before you begin organizing, sort and declutter your clothes. Evaluate each item and determine which ones you wear on a regular basis. These articles should be kept in the closet, while the less frequently used or seasonal items can be stored elsewhere — such as under the bed! There are likely underutilized areas like this in your bedroom that would be perfect for this type of storage. 

  • Assess Closet Space

Take a close look at your closet space and consider its potential. Use its existing features to your advantage! Closets with lots of shelves can utilize bins and baskets to group specific clothes, while closets that have more vertical space can have multiple hanging rods installed. Placing trays and dividers in drawers also helps keep everything sorted. Extra floor space at the bottom of the closet can be used for a shoe rack. Furthermore, hooks can be added to the interior of the door or free wall space to hang extra items like hats, bags, or scarves. 

  • Consider Accessibility

Next, think about exactly what is going in your closet. Your most-used items should be the most accessible, so place them in easy-to-reach spaces towards the front of the closet. Less-used clothes can go to the back or higher up. Categorizing clothes and creating designated areas for each type makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when putting outfits together. It can also free up more space if these items are strategically placed. Convenience is key!

  • Extra Tips and Tricks

And finally, some extra advice to help you optimize your small closet! First, uniform sets of matching hangers not only makes the overall look of the closet cleaner, but also keeps the focus on your clothes. In addition, an open clothing rack kept separately from the closet is a great way to free up closet space and plan outfits ahead of time. Lastly, file folding is a simple way to efficiently store clothes and make the most of your space. Instead of stacking folded items, place them upright, like papers in a filing cabinet.