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Call Us: 1-888-33-REEKO (1-888-337-3356)

What is Eurostyle Cabinetry?

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If you are looking for a sleek, contemporary design for your new custom cabinets, European style (Eurostyle) cabinetry is the way to go! Eurostyle cabinets can fit well into almost any space, making them incredibly popular throughout Europe for their adaptability. 

Features and Functionality

These minimalistic cabinets are characterized by their frameless design, fitting doors and drawers snugly within the cabinet structure. Paired with their hidden hinges and modular nature, these cabinets will efficiently maximize your storage space. Often constructed with high-quality plywood, they are certainly as sturdy as they are streamlined! The unique form and functionality of Eurostyle cabinets ensure a comfortable, yet elegant feel for your rooms.

Style and Appearance

Furthermore, Eurostyle cabinets create a timeless aesthetic that will still look stunning years after their installation. Flat surfaces, flush doors, and simple hardware make these cabinets reminiscent of minimalistic modern styles. They come with a variety of stylish finishes, ranging from the ultra-matte to high-gloss lacquers, so you can easily customize your cabinets to fit your needs. Eurostyle cabinets instantly elevate the look and feel of any space, whether a kitchen, bathroom, or office.

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